Vegetable and tofu springrolls.

Aren't we all looking for an easy and delicious way to eat more vegetables? This recipe is for you! The rice paper is pretty high in carbs, but since you will only be using a little, this is a moderate low carb recipe too! One springroll with stuffing is only 10g of carbs.

You could roll almost anything into the rice paper. You only need to keep in mind to slice your ingredients in fine julienne because you will not cook the veg. In some recepes they do, but I like to keep it simple and just eat them raw.

These are the veg I used today:

- grated carrots (bag)

- sliced red cabbage

- cucumber

- red and yellow pepper

- cilantro

- mint

As a protein source I chose tofu. I sliced the tofu into thin bars as well to make them fit snug

into the rolls. I fried the tofu in some coconut oil untill crispy and gold. You could easily swap

the tofu for chicken or shrimp if you like. Again, make sure to use small strips that will fit the roll! You can't properly roll them with big chunks in there.

To make the springrolls:

- soak a sheet of rice paper in plain water for about 20 secs.

- make sure most of the water drips off.

- put the sheet on a plate or cutting board

- start filling

- fold the lateral parts in

- then simply roll them up

- I cut them in half to be easier to handle :)

For the dip, mix together:

- 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

- a half thumb-sized peice of ginger, grated

- 2 tbs peanut butter ( I look for a brand with no added sugar!, This one is from Albert Hein)

- 1 tsp mirin

- a splash of water

- juice of half a lime

And there you, simple as that. Just start dipping and enjoy this colourful and healthy dish. You could either serve this as lunch or maybe as an appetizer or even as dinner accompanied by a bowl of asian style broth.

The rolls can easily be made in advance and will keep in the fridge up to three days. A great lunch meal prep idea if you ask me!

I hope you will give this a try. When you do, make sure to let me know your thoughts!

Vegetable and tofu springrolls