Three ingredient chia seed jam.

This is probably one of the easiest recipes I ever tried. You only need three ingredients, there’s no chopping and it’s ready in less than ten minutes!

Regular jam contains a ton of sugar and has a high glycemic index. This will make your blood sugar spike very quickly. I find it difficult to dose my insulin appropriately for this type of food. Therefore I choose a more blood sugar friendly jam, made without sugar!

This chia jam contains only three ingredients:

- Fruit of choice (I use frozen fruits, no need to peel and chop!)

- Chia seeds

- Erythritol or stevia

The chia seeds will create the jelly-like consistency you want and are a good source of both omega-3 fats and fiber. This will help to curb a spike as well.

To make the jam:

- Measure 200g fruit of choice (fresh or frozen)

- Transfer to a saucepan on medium heat and let the fruit defrost and get soft

- Once the fruits starts to look like a mash remove from the heat

- Add in two tablespoons of erythritol or 2 drops of liquid stevia

- Add two tablespoons of chia seeds

- Blend and set aside for 5 minutes to allow

the jam to thicken

Now you can transfer the jam to a jar. Let the jam cool down a bit before screwing on the lid, this to avoid moisture inside the jar. Moisture will make the jam go bad more easily. Store your jam in the fridge. It will easily keep for two weeks and a week once opened.

For the jam in the pictures I used a frozen forest fruit mix. I usually only make one jar at a time. I add in to yoghurt, desserts, put it on low carb toast, etc…

If you want you can of course add some other flavors like vanilla (with apricots!), cinnamon, lemon zest etc.