Sukrin bread review.

I’ve been experimenting with low carb bread for quite a while now. It’s not that easy to find here in Belgium! I did find some protein bread at the big grocery storer (Aldi, Carrefour) but I didn’t like them. The main ingredient in those breads is soy, which is too sweet for my taste in bread. The bigger companies (Seriously Low Carb, livlife bread …) aren’t delivering to Belgium. Therefore I just made my own almond bread. A lot of work to be honest!

So imagine my joy when I found out Sukrin had some bread mixes!

I ordered the starter package with one serving of each of their varieties; chia bread, fiber bread and protein bread. It’s really easy to make them too. Just add water, mix, wait for 5 minutes, then shape and bake for one hour.

1) Chia bread (3,3g carbs/100g bread)

The chia bread is a tasty medium dense bread with a lovely crunchy crust. It has a lovely nutty taste but doesn’t taste sweet at all! It’s perfect for both sweet and savory toppings.

I kept the bread in an airtight container and it tasted great up to three days.

2) Fiber bread (2,5g carbs/100g bread)

The fiber bread is a more airy bread. It’s very light and has a whole grain taste to it. The package recommended sprinkling some seeds on top. I used pumpkin and sunflowers seeds and pressed them lightly into the the top of the unbaked bread. It was delicious and absolutely my favorite! This mixture is also great for making rolls apparently. I haven’t tried that myself but I can imagine the airy texture is perfect for making your own low carb rolls.

3) Protein bread (6,1g carbs/100g bread)

This one reminded me of rye bread, which I do like. It’s dense and I did feel full after only

two slices. Although I do like rye and I would recommend buying this if you do as well, I liked this one the least.

In conclusion! I like all three of the bread mixes but the fiber bread is my absolute favorite! The chia bread is great with a crisp crust and the protein bread is a good substitute for rye.

I have now ordered the big packages of both the fiber and chia bread to have as a staple in my kitchen. I love the idea of fresh low carb bread whenever I fancy having it :)

If you are curious I highly recommend purchasing the starter pack of bread baking mixes! Sukrin makes deliveries all over Europe, the UK, the US and Australia.

Enjoy and do let me know if you try some!

* I am currently reintroducing carbs in my life. I choose to eat low carb bread because it's much easier on my bloodsugars. Nothing wrong with regular bread though! Just a choice to make life easier for me :)