Rhubarb pie with custard filling.

This recipe is a perfect example of little effort, big results. Making your own custard from scratch may seem daunting, but it is really not that difficult and the taste is so much better than those sachets with custard powder! They contain a lot of carbs too, so making your own is a win-win.

I did use store-bought shortcrust pastry to make this a low effort recipe. But if you fancy it, go ahead and make your own pastry too! :)

INGREDIENTS (serves 8):

- Shortcrust pastry (round – good for lining one pie pan)

- 5 egg yolks

- 250ml milk of choice

- Vanilla extract (10 drops)

- 10g cornstarch

- 40g flour

- 500g rhubarb

- 50g Sukrin (or other sweetener/sugar)


1) Clean and dice the rhubarb (0,5 cm dices)

2) Put the rhubarb in a large bowl and mix in the sweetener/sugar. Set aside for half an hour.

3) Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350°F

4) To make the custard

  • Separate the egg yolks from the whites. We won’t be using the whites in this recipe. I freeze them.

  • In a large mixing bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the flour and cornstarch until pale.

  • Add the milk and the vanilla extract to a pan over medium-heath and bring just to the boil.

  • Pour a little bit of the hot milk over the egg yolk mixture and start whisking immediately.

  • Pour the egg-milk mixture back into the pan and keep whisking over a medium heath.

  • The mixture will thicken now.

  • Keep whisking until you have the custardy texture you like.

5) Line a pie tin with your shortcrust pastry. Make some holes in the bottom (I use a fork) and trim the edge.

6) Fill with the custard and make sure it is well distributed.

7) You will see there has formed a layer of fluid in the bowl with the rhubarb. Drain the rhubarb thoroughly before transferring the rhubarb on top of the custard.

8) With the excess pastry you can make some pretty garnish to decorate your pie.

9) Bake for about 30 min until the crust is golden and the rhubarb soft.

10) When the pie is ready, remove immediately from the pan and put it on a rack to cool completely.

11) Once cold this pie is best stored in the fridge.

This may look like many steps but that’s just to walk you through the process easier. It’s basically only two things you need to do: prepare the rhubarb and make the custard. Then just assemble your pie :)

I used Sukrin as a sweetener and that makes this pie quite easy on my blood sugars. One serving contains only 18 grams of carbs! The custard makes it higher in fat than most pies so this will likely not make me spike as it slows down digestion.

Enjoy your pie!