BIG NEWS !!!!!!

I am finally able to share some big news with you all!


For months now I have been thinking - dreaming! - of a way to create more awareness for MODY diabetes. This blog has been a great start and I love to write. Yet, it feels that in this busy day and age people simply don’t take time to sit down and read a long blog post. Unless, of course, you are very interested in the subject.

So that’s when I decided a podcast would be the ultimate way to reach more people. A way to raise more awareness. I realized it could do so much more than just tell my side of the story. A podcast would be able to tell other people’s stories too. Your stories! It could create a space for us to share experiences, to learn from each other and to learn from professionals in the field! A place to gain knowledge, evidence based knowledge… A place to help YOU.

The idea got me so excited!

I first shared my plan to a couple of my modiabuddies. Both were thrilled! One of them, Rena, admitted she had the same dream and we talked about embarking on this journey together. Unfortunate, we live in different parts of the world and the time schedule was really hard on me.

So that’s how this still became a solo journey.

She will be featured in two of the episodes we already recorded together. Thank you, Rena, for allowing me to use the footage anyway.

At this point the first short introduction episode is LIVE on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Just search for ‘the MODY & ME podcast’ and it will show up. Please subscribe to my podcast. This helps tremendously for it to show up in people’s feed! If you like it, please leave a review and also share it with your friends on social media. I have some very interesting conversations coming your way and I would love it to reach as many people as possible!

Let me know your thoughts, questions, suggestions for future episodes, guests you would like to hear etc. Or maybe you would like to come talk on the podcast yourself? Let me know and we can discuss this!

I hope you all enjoy listening.