Hey! My name is Jessie.

I have been living with diabetes for seven years now. 

Have you ever heard about Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young a.k.a. MODY? I hadn't before my diagnosis! And many health care professionals haven't either!

By creating this blog I hope to raise some awereness concerning this rather rare form of diabetes. There are more than two types! Not only MODY but a lot more. I can, of course, only talk about my hands on experiences with MODY.

Only a month ago (december 2020) my life took an unexpected turn. I had to start injecting insulin. I would like to ducument this journey and hope to help and inspire others living with a chronic illness. Positivity and kindness are key to navigate this challenge in the best possible way. 

Some fun facts about me:

- I am 28 years old and live in Belgium

- I work as a physio with children and teenagers with a physical and or mental disability

- I love all things outdoors and like to keep active as much as possible. I like to run, hike, lift     weights and all kind of water sports.

- I am also a hobby photographer and hope to bring you some beautiful pictures to lighten    up your day.

- I have a little nerdy side; I play chess.

- The kitchen is my happy place.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever or just want to chat.